2014/2021 Ebola outbreaks

I have not had the time to thoroughly look into these Ebola outbreaks, but others did. 
So this page is based on their analyses and a few very curious things I noticed. I find these fact highly suspicious, but do not want to draw conclusions here other than that these outbreaks should be thoroughly investigated.

2021 Ebola outbreak

It is important to know that Ebola clinical samples are routinely frozen before being sent to a diagnostic or research lab. Patient zero in this outbreak was a 51 year old nurse. It is in my opinion quite likely that she could have handled medical samples. What is highly suspicious about this outbreak is that the virus is basically identical to one found 6 years earlier, or that it stopped mutating for ~5 years. In my opinion, there is just no mechanism by which an RNA virus could remain infectious for 5 years if not frozen (such viruses normaly do not remain infectious for more than a few days). Alternatively, if the virus survived for example in an animal host, it should have collected 5 years worth of mutations. RNA dependent RNA polymerases always produce some errors, irrespective of the host. I have also approached 5 virologists with this issue, not one could explain how an RNA virus could remain infectious for that long if not frozen.

2014 Ebola Outbreak

Sam Husseini and Jonathan Latham wrote a very detailed article about the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Westafrica.
Briefly, there are many problems with the official story about a boy catching bats in trees.
the boy was
- only 18 months old
- never even tested for EBOV
- caretakers said he died from malaria
- there was a gap of several months until the next patients
- hundreds of bats were tested negatively for EBOV
- EBOV had never before been found within >2500km
...except for in a lab just ~100 miles away, which
- was clearly not equipped to handle BSL4 pathogens
- just started EBOV experiments according to Bob Garry
- removed a EBOV paper from the institute page
- was shut down by authorities/lost EBOV NIH grant extension
- had 6 (!!!) infected lab workers!
- was NOT working on EBOV also according to Bob Garry
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